Single Friends

Yet ANOTHER acoustic song.  I recently performed many of these dour acoustic numbers in front of some people in Baltimore.  While I think it went well, I’m pretty sure I was a HUGE downer and people were mainly depressed by the performance.  I might do it again, but not at a rock show. 

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Not Called The Shots

A newer acoustic song. 

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Learn How To Drive

I recorded this yesterday.  It’s a Repelican song.  Not much else to say, really.

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Mother Fuckin’ Theresa

My most sac-religious song.  It’s another funny/ass-kickin’ song from The Anywhere.  Enjoy.

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Deflated Irene

Just a reggulah rock song. The line is “your life as consistent as your wearing Ked’s with nursing pants.”

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My Coronal Suture

A lot of Art Department songs were not initially written in the style of the Art Department.  Here is an example of that.  Also, 12th Grade anatomy class gave me a lot of cool words to use.  Since then, I’ve wanted to rhyme “future” with “coronal suture,” which is a suture that runs horizontally along the top of the skull.

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