Single Friends

Yet ANOTHER acoustic song.  I recently performed many of these dour acoustic numbers in front of some people in Baltimore.  While I think it went well, I’m pretty sure I was a HUGE downer and people were mainly depressed by the performance.  I might do it again, but not at a rock show. 

Published in: on November 30, 2007 at 5:49 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Jon,

    Yayyyy. I haven’t checked out your blog in a few weeks. I like this song. I think it would be even better if I played your dulcimer in accompaniment. When are we getting together again! I declare a producers’ music night in my apartment.


  2. Not so bad, J-meister (or is that maestro? I so cheesy!). I like how your acoustic folk angle has developed into a fully-fledged early adulthood stage. Hooray!

    You ain’t quite imago yet though, punk. Don’t get too cocky. (Get a load of this guy, thinking he’s imago!)

    The only thing depressing is that you seem to think depressing people is a bad thing. Sometimes people deserve to be depressed. You never know what evil those bast–I mean, hey hey! A bloody good Xmas to you, sir!

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