Stating the Obvious

In case it isn’t painfully obvious…My inability to follow through on my ideas has caused me to cease posting on this blog-ish.  I might revamp it at some point, but for tunes and new tunes, I’ve decided to dominate the space of my.

A new Repelican album called “Don’t Mumble the Manifesto” is near completion.  I think I’m going to put up a big RAR file on rapidshare with the entire discography.  It’ll be at the Repelican myspace.  Also, a Jonathonian W. Ehrenkranz (formerly “Thone”) album is in the works.  The Art Department is playing Baltimore a bunch, and I’ve been playing with a DC outfit called The Religious Tongues recently.  Tis all.


Mother Fuckin’ Theresa

My most sac-religious song.  It’s another funny/ass-kickin’ song from The Anywhere.  Enjoy.

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Dinosaur Jr

 This is a parody that I recorded around the same time as the Art Department.  I thought it would be a fun excersise to imitate some of my favorite bands.  This is my favorite of the batch, mainly sounding like “Green Mind” era Dinosaur. 

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I recorded this yesterday and it’s hilarious.  It’s also awesome.  Basically, my 2 recent attempts to recreate the 80’s powerpop style of “Cynthia” (posted earlier), resulted in what sounds like over-produced post grunge (think Gavin Rossdale fronting Sponge).  I don’t know where it came from, other than the overly nostalgic portions of my subconsiousness. It’s not very “indie-rock” or anything like that.  It sounds like a one hit wonder circa 1995. Hope you find it as funny as I do.

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