Chain Gang Escape

 I had to try several times to record this song, and this is the latest, and best version.  My surf group was called “The Serfs” and all the songs were about being a slave (more to modern life than to a white slave master).  BUT, there is already a shitty band called the Serfs, so I changed it to the better name “The Hypnic Jerks.”  Hypnic jerks are those sudden spasms that one has while sleeping.  The explanation for these is that your body is tense and releasing the tension in a sudden movement.  What’s bizarre is that, at least in my case” I have a whole dream based around the event that causes me to jerk, as though my mind is anticipating the eventual spasm that is apparently releasing physical tension.  STRANGE.  Anyway, the songs still all retain slavery related titles. 

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