Babyman is an idea I had for a superhero; half baby, half man…so it’s just a 12 year old. No superpowers.  A Sword Swallow song, very obtuse.

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Body Pollution Thang!

This was the first Sword Swallow song.

This song was recorded a couple of years ago at my parents house.  The distinctly un-poppy structure and delivery came after I had broken up my band and thought I was done with pop music (little did I know, I would return to pop with even more vigor than before).  My desire to do something new caused me to have a moment of unbridled inspiration.  In the midst of recording the 4th section of the song, my Mom came down stairs on the phone with the cable company.  I thought nothing of it, and continued to record the bassline.  Suddenly, the recording stopped and my 6-track shut off.  I looked over, and my Mom, under the instruction of the man on the other line, had turned off the surge protector that my recording machine was plugged into, therby erasing all of my progress up to that point.  In that instant, I lost my composure and collapsed in a fit of frustrated convulsions and came close to tears.  While writhing around in pain, my Mom realized what she had done, and felt horribly about destroying my song.  Nevertheless, she remained on the phone with the cable company, but stunned by the results of her actions, all she could say was “Oh.  Oh, no.  Oh, no.  Jon, I’m sorry.  Oh no.”  Of course, the man on the other line had no idea what had happend, and was confused by the stammerings that my mother couldn’t stop uttering.  That was funny.

 Afterward, I went back and re-recorded what I had done, and added several sections.  The first version had a stronger beginning, but the last few portions turned out great.  My Mom was depressed for the rest of the day, but I tried to console her by explaining that the newer version was better.  She eventually got over it.

Oh, it’s also a 16 minute song.

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