My myspace blizkreig continues!  I’ve put up a site at . Be my friend, will you?

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A Handheld Gun

This is one of my favorite old-school Repelican songs, recorded in 2004.  It was originally written for a high-school project in which we needed to write a ballad.  The original lyrics were about getting an STD, but changed it to be a little more “pulpy.” (PS, I don’t have an STD)

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O Se Shalom

I’m pretty sure that some of dem “Hi!” Holidays is cummin’ up soon.  This proves my inadequacy as a jew, and, perhaps as a musician.

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Let me begin by saying, I love to listen to my own music.  I know it’s not cool or even really modest to say such a thing, but it’s true.  In the years since I begain recording music, I have realized that playing live is not fun for me.  Promoting myself as a musician is equally unappealing.  The enjoyment that I get from music is recording, and then repeatedly listening to my own material.  The result of this situation is I have accumulated around 200 songs, and barely anyone has heard many of them.  My circle of friends may be familiar with a number of them, but considering the scattershot method of writing and recording that I have employed, it’s very difficult to wade through a majority of my songs.  The purpose of this blog is for me to post songs, old and new, for people to download and listen to.  I will provide some context for each and perhaps provide anecdotes surrounding the recording.  It’s a very personal method to distribute my songs, but as I said above, recording is a personal process for me. 

 Mostly, this site is here to kill time.  I used to hate blogs, but I found a handful that I enjoy and are perfect for downtime at work.  This is a site for those who have similar situations at thier job, or school.  Thanks.

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