Talk To You

Pretty funny stuff. This is a song from my high-school band, What to Do With the Children.  I didn’t write this one, it was written by drummer Justin Shapiro. He’s also the singer on this one.  This recording marks my first attempt at doubling the vocals to make them clearer, something I do to this day.  It was our biggest “hit” with the Whitman rockers.  For this reason, resentmect for the song was harbored.  Also, we asked our friend Vivek to join after this song, and he said it was the only song of ours that he didn’t like.  Well, after some years of distance, I can say this song is cool… for a group of 14 year olds!

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So Revealing

 This song is from 2001, and was preformed and recorded by my high-school band, What to Do With The Children.  It was one of our few attempts to do a straight-ahead song, as most of our songs were meandering dissonance in strange time-signatures.  Justin, the drummer, currently lives in Boston and is making his way into the business side of music.  Josh is in Philly, playing bass in a jazzy-combo called Drake and a poppy band called The Josh Olmstead Band. 

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