This is a cover of a Townes Van Zandt song.  I recorded it for my friend, Simon, who writes the FretBored blog (see my blogroll).  He recorded one (st. John the Gambler) and I thought we could engage in a musical conversation.  That being said, its a bit rusty, but so was TVZ.

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Babyman is an idea I had for a superhero; half baby, half man…so it’s just a 12 year old. No superpowers.  A Sword Swallow song, very obtuse.

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He Who Feels the Need

I tried to make this song sound like an old demo tape from a bunch of stoned teenageres in the 80’s.  Dig the 2 note solo.  The band is called Stool, a reference to defication and seating (not Tool).

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Chain Gang Escape

 I had to try several times to record this song, and this is the latest, and best version.  My surf group was called “The Serfs” and all the songs were about being a slave (more to modern life than to a white slave master).  BUT, there is already a shitty band called the Serfs, so I changed it to the better name “The Hypnic Jerks.”  Hypnic jerks are those sudden spasms that one has while sleeping.  The explanation for these is that your body is tense and releasing the tension in a sudden movement.  What’s bizarre is that, at least in my case” I have a whole dream based around the event that causes me to jerk, as though my mind is anticipating the eventual spasm that is apparently releasing physical tension.  STRANGE.  Anyway, the songs still all retain slavery related titles. 

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Vold Brocke

This is lo-fi as it gets.  Sounds like a real band though, eh? The title is inspired by many of the lyrics being nonsensical.

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Doe A Demon

One of the more bizarre songs from the first Repelican album.  I really wish I could remember how I got that vocal sound, but I can’t.  Reminds me of when I used to scream like I hated that bitch.  When I first started “singing” my instinct was to fucking scream my head off whenever appropriate.  I didn’t think twice about it.  For a long time, every song I did had screaming in it.  It wasn’t conscious at all.  Now whenever I try to scream, I feel kind of ridiculous, even though I still think screaming is awesome.

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Apples for Finch

A Factoid of the Dustbowl tune.  I play this one as a music bed on the talk show that I engineer, and every time, the host questions who the performer is.  It’s da Factoid, YO!

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Recorded about 6 or 7 months ago, this song was intended to be for the fictitious band project “October Railroad.”  If the fuzzed out production is off-putting, remember, I only do wierd things like that if I think it makes the song sound better, not merely to frustrate the listener.  I wanted it to sound LOUD, like live rock show LOUD.

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Talk To You

Pretty funny stuff. This is a song from my high-school band, What to Do With the Children.  I didn’t write this one, it was written by drummer Justin Shapiro. He’s also the singer on this one.  This recording marks my first attempt at doubling the vocals to make them clearer, something I do to this day.  It was our biggest “hit” with the Whitman rockers.  For this reason, resentmect for the song was harbored.  Also, we asked our friend Vivek to join after this song, and he said it was the only song of ours that he didn’t like.  Well, after some years of distance, I can say this song is cool… for a group of 14 year olds!

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Me Alive

Another aciustic song recorded relatively recently.  My dad was concerned when he heard the grave lyrics, but I explained to him that with a guitar part and melody like that, uplifting and pleasant lyrics just wouldn’t fit.  There’s a part about infanticide, maybe that was too far.

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