My attempt at Wire-ish songwriting.  Recorded in the overty-creepy space I used to rent when I lived downtown.

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My Coronal Suture

A lot of Art Department songs were not initially written in the style of the Art Department.  Here is an example of that.  Also, 12th Grade anatomy class gave me a lot of cool words to use.  Since then, I’ve wanted to rhyme “future” with “coronal suture,” which is a suture that runs horizontally along the top of the skull.

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Vold Brocke

This is lo-fi as it gets.  Sounds like a real band though, eh? The title is inspired by many of the lyrics being nonsensical.

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Little Bag

A Failed Ygreiega song, recorded during the summer of last year.  My friend calls one of her cohorts by the name “Bucket” so I though “Little Bag” could also be a plausible name for a character.  It’s a narritive of a lazy, crazy persons life.  My parents thought I was saying “Little Fag” which is pretty cool.

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Soundproof The Tomb

 Another new Repelican song, recorded a couple of months ago. It, too, is a re-record of Ygriega era shit.

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The Intent To Mislead

 This song is a re-record of a song from last years “Failed Ygriega” project, in which I attempted to record 10 songs a month.  I only had one mic at the time and was recording in a pretty spooky practice space.  I liked the song, but thought I could milk the rockiness a little more, thus this version of the song.  The lyrics are vaguely about my disappointment in education.

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Insect Speak

This song was the first in my ill-fated attempt to record 10 songs a month.  The project inevitably failed, as a self-imposed deadline is likely to fizzle out once the ispiration that sparked the idea faded away over the following 3 months.  This is a bizzare song that was initially going to be its own band, but ended up just being this one song. 

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