Stating the Obvious

In case it isn’t painfully obvious…My inability to follow through on my ideas has caused me to cease posting on this blog-ish.  I might revamp it at some point, but for tunes and new tunes, I’ve decided to dominate the space of my.

A new Repelican album called “Don’t Mumble the Manifesto” is near completion.  I think I’m going to put up a big RAR file on rapidshare with the entire discography.  It’ll be at the Repelican myspace.  Also, a Jonathonian W. Ehrenkranz (formerly “Thone”) album is in the works.  The Art Department is playing Baltimore a bunch, and I’ve been playing with a DC outfit called The Religious Tongues recently.  Tis all.



Recorded about 6 or 7 months ago, this song was intended to be for the fictitious band project “October Railroad.”  If the fuzzed out production is off-putting, remember, I only do wierd things like that if I think it makes the song sound better, not merely to frustrate the listener.  I wanted it to sound LOUD, like live rock show LOUD.

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Ask For You

This is a pop tune about high school.  It was written a while ago, but was recorded earlier this year.  I wanted to make a track that sounded like a “dorm room” recording (hence the drum machine), but it’s been a couple of years since I’ve left the hell that is the college dorm.  So it’s a song about high school, intended to sound like a college recording, recorded after college. 

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Don’t Damage Orville

I tried to play my uncle’s banjo on this track.  I think it’s kind of obvious that I don’t know how to play it.  This is for the droney-fakefolk act (from my brain, not West Virginia), FACTOID OF THE DUSTBOWL!

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This is a newer song.  It’s about 25% comedy, especially the singing.  The “band” that performs this song is called The Anywhere. It also features Meno on drums. Hope it fucks you up.

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